Jennifer Atilemile is an international model and writer.

With a father who hails from the French island of Réunion and an Australian mother, Jennifer’s mixed heritage is something she is proud of.

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, she now calls New York home.

Noticing a lack of racial and body diversity in media, advertising and fashion within Australia she has embarked on a global campaign for greater representation in these industries.

With an ever-growing client portfolio both in Australia and internationally, it’s clear that the push for diversity is being well received by brands and is here to stay.

Jennifer holds an MA in International Relations and an MA in Journalism. She is also extremely passionate about the empowerment of women and girls, especially through education.

As Jennifer would say..

“Each of these jobs I tick off is a win for not just size diversity, but a win for the increase in racial and body diversity in advertising. One thing that brings me joy on the job is that I know out there there’s a young girl growing up seeing someone that looks like her, and feels represented- and that’s a win for me.”