How will you feel once this is over and you look back at how you acted right now?

It has never been more important to stay indoors. I’m talking to you Australia. You have the rest of the world as your example, yet you’re still not taking this virus seriously. It’s not just ‘the flu’, it’s a pandemic, and it’s hitting people hard.

Businesses are going to go under, the economy will take a toll, but the longer you all stay out and about, the worse this will be for you all in the long run.

The people that are coming home from overseas and quarantining are not the ones bringing in the virus. It was already here. And by staying out and socializing you have been spreading it around because the majority of you (and I’m talking to my age demographic) will remain asymptomatic this entire time.

The fact is though, there are people our age contracting the virus because we continue to socialize with little to no symptoms.

But have a think about the people you love most – your parents, your grandparents. What about your friend’s brother who is only 18 but has an already weak immune system. Or that girl at your younger sibling’s school who has leukemia. Or simply your mate who’s been smoking since he was 14, and is only 26.

We are not immune to this virus. These are all the kinds of people you are putting at risk by staying out and socializing.

Australia’s confirmed number of Coronavirus cases has risen to 1068. There were only 456 cases on Wednesday.

Just take a look at other countries who failed to act until it was too late. Look at Italy. Their hospitals are so overflowing and overwhelmed with cases that they can not treat everyone. They are prioritizing those who have a higher chance of recovery over the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.

Italy officially shut down on March 11. At that stage, there were 12,000 cases of the disease and 827 deaths. That was after Italians failed to take social distancing seriously. As of today, March 21, there are 4032 deaths. Here in the US, we are rumored to be 10 days behind Italy, and I would assume Australia not too far behind that.

The military has been called into cities in Italy to help usher away dead bodies and assist with cremation because their morgues are inundated.

These social distancing measures are being put in place so we all don’t end up like Italy.

Italians have shared how they wished they took social distancing more seriously. Australians have had the rest of the world shutting down as an example that this isn’t a joke.

Is that brunch at a cafe allegedly practising social distancing really worth it? What about that fitness class with reduced numbers? What about that swim at the beach?

We have been doing social distancing now for about a week here in New York. It’s tough but it’s manageable. It is going to last a while, but we live in an age where technology can bring us together, even in isolation.

Have brunch with your friends on FaceTime, Messenger, Zoom – the list is endless. You could even have a night watching movies with Netflix Party. Read a book. Just stay at home.

It’s no longer about making excuses around what the government says you still can and can’t do.

It’s about what is morally and socially right for your fellow citizens. Show some compassion and stay at home, because the longer you don’t, the worse this will be, and the longer it will take for things to get back to normal.

When this is all over, how do you want to remember your actions during this time?


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